Check Your Dell PC

Check Your Dell PC

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The System Analyzer Program utilizes an application to analyze the configuration of your system to provide you suggestions for compatible parts or upgrades for your Dell-branded computer. The suggestions made are based on the information provided by you and about the Dell and Dell-tested products and components installed on your Dell computer. The presence of any non-Dell or non-Dell tested products or components on your Dell computer may affect the efficacy of the suggestions we provide or may diminish the accuracy or usefulness of the suggestions provided. These suggestions are for illustrative purposes only, and Dell makes no representation or warranty that the products or upgrades suggested have or will have any particular or desired result, effect or fitness for a particular purpose. All questions about specific products, and the propriety of use or functionality of such products with your Dell computer should be directed to a Dell sales or customer service representative

Access, Collection and Use of Personal Information

In the course of providing this service, Dell will access your unique service tag number, which is defined as personal information under the Dell Privacy Policy.

Access, Collection and Use of Data (Non-Personal Information)

In the course of providing this service, Dell will display results of your system configuration including:
  • Computer Type - Computer model
  • Edition - Version of Microsoft Windows installed (XP Pro, XP Home, etc.)
  • System Devices - System profile information (Examples: Memory, Hard Drive, video cards)
By downloading, you agree to the Dell Software License Agreement and the Dell Privacy Policy. The use of Dell System Analyzer is also subject to of the Terms and Conditions of Sale

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Dell Commercial Price List provides Dell list prices for commercial product upsell components, covering OptiPlex, Latitude and Precision products. Download here the reference price list.